Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Breaking the Invisible Wall

The truth of the matter is that I tend to think of myself higher than I ought. Here's why...

In America, I see myself as belonging to a classless society. Not so in Thailand. There is this invisible wall between people of different social classess. I hate to admit that I can be a spoiled brat and conceited at times. It's hard to take a sober look at myself, but the process is required for growth.

So my parents own a medium-sized shipping and trucking company. They have lots of employees who fly in and out of the office like bees around a honey comb. The company is downstairs and my parents live upstairs. Yeah, Thailand has dual-purposed buildings, combining commercial and residential into one. In the US, I have to do all the chores like most Americans. But in Thailand, I was tranformed into a princess first thing when I got home. Literally, I don't have to lift a finger, although I try to. Believe me, I've washed a couple dishes since. And I'm a total daddy's girl. I love my dad because he spoils me rotten. I know that's not necessary a good thing, but allow me to bask in the love and attention just for a short time. My mom, on the other hand, is the sound of reasons. I also have a nanny who's been with our family since I was born. We also have another maid and so forth.... It's a common practice in this part of the world to have a maid or two.

My struggle with being here is that although I'm surrounded by people, I don't have friends yet in this part of town. I think it's mostly because I see myself as different from the rest of my parents' employees. Then one day, God moved in my heart to call Pat, Necie, Ana, and Jon. I'm forever grateful for godly friends in my life who encouraged me to reach out to "my people." Since my friends all said the same thing, I believe God was speaking through them. I can see that "my people" want to know me and yet afraid because I'm the boss' daughter. I caught them looking at me from the corner of their eyes.

I have been praying for ways to reach out to them. Thank God he opened the door after a week of being back. I started with just one person who's also a believer in the faith. We talked today about God and relationships. I feel better. I feel like I'm learning to be more like Christ who lowered himself and became a man. Also the scripture that said "Be all things to all men, so I can save some" has been on my heart.

My hope is that I can plant a seed in someone's heart through my example. I have much to work on, but I'm working on it. Through imitating Christ' and Paul's humility, I also hope to save some...


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