Wednesday, October 04, 2006

The Room Fiasco and Being Homesick

My parents gave me a room. It looked rather drab and nothing matched. My great plan was to exert some of my individuality in it. No problem. Just repaint the room and get some new furniture... Well, sometimes things just don't go as planned.

I chose 'yellow' for my room. Yeah, yellow. The other day I looked online and saw examples of tropical bedrooms and yellow was the color. Yellow became too yellow and everything was yellow. The original blinds were yellow and my eyes began to see yellow. "It was all yellow," like in a Coldplay's song. So I thought of offseting it with red, but red didn't look good with yellow. So I wasted the paint.

Yesterday, I spent hours fixing the curtains and the blinds. The new bamboo curtain was too small, so I tried to cut and paste. Yes, cut and paste and it still dint' work. And the new blue curtain was too pale and it made the room look pale and it just didn't go well with the yellow. So I did the 'Polluck' on it by dripping all the paint I had: yellow, red, and white. Another fiasco. So much for my attempt to be artistic. I got so frustrated that I felt demon possesed!

Thank God, Susan called me last night, right when I needed to talk to a trusted friend. I'm so grateful to have a friend like her. She shared with me 1Thessalonians 5:16. The scripture brought me some peace.

All in all, I'm coping with being homesick. I wanted my room to remind me of the comfort I had in the US, a place to escape. Funny how people find comfort in things like one's own bedroom. For a moment I felt far from God. Maybe he's trying to remind me not to put my comfort in physical things, but only in Him. I miss my friends in the US terribly, what a feast of fellowship we have in the OC, but it was my decision to follow my Big Dream. It's not easy. I'm suffering...


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