Thursday, October 05, 2006

"Ordinary Leaves 'Her' Comfort Zone"

My Big Dream to travel around the world is heavily inspired by Bruce Wilkinson's The Dream Giver. Much of my writing reflects the ideas and concepts from this book. This book is by no means the Bible but is definitely Bible based and the Dream Giver is no other but God himself. In a sense, I'm walking the walk of Ordinary, the main character. Amazingly I'm able to identify with the character every step of the way so far...

At this moment, my journey is on chapter 2. The title is "Ordinary Leaves His Comfort Zone." At the end of chapter one, he is ecstatic about following his Big Dream. He makes some big sacrifices and so did I. He gives away his precious items and so did I. But as he continues on his journey, the further away, the more uncomfortable he feels. For the first time, he thinks about going back to the Familiar. I have been thinking about that for the past few days. Ordinary "look[s] longingly back toward Familiar. He fondly remember[s] all its comfort--his Usual Job, his Best Friend, his recliner, his box. There [is] something wonderful about nothing happening" (24).

This is exactly how I feel: "Forget about it!" I said to myself, " I'm going back to America next month, to the Iron Curtain of the OC. Forget about my Big Dream of seeing the world and visiting churches. I miss my friends too much. It's getting too uncomfortable, really uncomfortable. I want to run back to my Comfort Zone..." I was beginning to doubt if it even matters. What the heck am I doing? Nobody is doing what I'm doing. Why can't I just be like everybody else and live a comfortable and safe life? Why can't I just settle for a normal life?

I'm essentially hitting the Wall of Fear, a pretty thick one at that.

But then the Dream Giver says to Ordinary, "I made you to do this...Yes you can...take courage, Ordinary." (23,25)

Maybe God's teaching me to take courage inspite my fear.


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