Sunday, October 15, 2006

Thai Market

Food is a big deal in Thailand. Thai people take pride in their cuisine. It's interesting how many of my American friends love Thai food, but they don't know much, if at all, about Thailand. But our food is world famous. When you walk into a Thai market, if you're like me, you get overwhelmed with food. And I'm not talking about processed food. I'm talking about food that's cooked right in front of you, fresh, and the aroma lingers in the air. You can see the passion in the food. The colors. The taste. Eating in Thailand is always a feast, a daily feast. About cleanliness, that's another story. I'm fortunate because my stomach has gotten used to the bacteria here. So enjoy the food if you make it out here, but stay close to a pharmacy...

This vendor sells every part of the chicken. There's no need to waste anything.


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